At BattleBells we understand the importance of corporate wellness to smart and progressive companies who understand that the demands of the modern workplace can leave employees feeling low and overwhelmed.

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Our innovative approach to wellness, will help both you and your employees improve!
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Why our packages can help meet your business needs?
  • Helping You Improve

    Through our innovative approach to wellness, we will help both you and your employees, improve your bottom line by improving staff health and fitness levels, increasing their energy and productivity while lowing your healthcare spending.

  • Why wait?

    Make the sound investment today in your employees’ fitness and wellbeing and the return on that investment will include rewards of increased health, focus, morale and overall profitability together with decreased rates of absenteeism, staff turnover and workplace injuries.

  • Tailored To You

    We will tailor your Corporate Wellness Package to meet the needs of your business. Packages will typically include a bespoke training program together with a nutrition plan. The programs will be based on the individual employee assessments and targeted goals.

  • Working With You

    Your employees can come to the gym to complete their programs or our coaches will be more than happy to travel to your business to complete group training with your employees.

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