We have all seen this type of training on TV, and whether you are a strength coach or a 70KG accountant, you can’t help being engrossed in the spectacle when watching a competition! One of the reasons that people love watching it is that the events just aren’t “normal”.

Flipping a 500KG tractor tyre or pulling a 12 tonne truck aren’t what you can describe as everyday occurrences….but they are a hell of a lot of fun to watch and even more to do!!

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At BattleBells we love Strongman and Strongwoman training...
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Find out why this type of training is for you.
  • Beauty of the training

    The beauty of strongman/woman training is that there is no one perfect way to perform the exercises and you will usually end up improvising to complete the event.

  • Strengthen muscles

    The awkwardness of the events builds true functional strength from head to toe allowing you to strengthen muscles that are nearly impossible to strengthen with traditional weight training.

  • Feeling of accomplishment

    Strongman/woman training is no longer a spectators sport. You do not have to be the world’s strongest person to do this type of training and completing a strongman workout gives you a feeling of accomplishment that you just will not get with regular training.

  • Complete Transformation

    If you want to achieve a complete transformation in mental and physical toughness and confidence and you are focused, strong and tough then this is the type of training for you.

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